G-luxe By Gloria Suzhou Taim


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Address:No.12 Huantaihu Avenue, Taihu Tourist Resort, Wuzhong District, Suzhou
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The G-luxe By Gloria Suzhou Taim has more than 80 sets of elegant multi-functional comprehensive guest rooms, which are set off among trees, flowers and plants in different styles. The high space living pattern makes the body, heart and spirit sink back, and through a French window, the Taihu Lake holiday is light in the air above the beauty, with the texture of inch by inch, creating an elegant place.
Chinese style guest rooms are decorated with modern Chinese style. The ancient style is secluded. The elegant and elegant mountain and water elements are the perfect combination of living arts. All eyes and muscles reveal the blend of classical and fashion. Japanese guest rooms, Japanese compound, screen partition, plain linen wall cloth, and sunken tatami pick up elegant and solemn elements to express the essence of traditional and wind culture, embellish every corner of the room, and the details show the quality of vacation. The hotel rooms with island style are integrated into the tropical style of Southeast Asia, and the feeling of vacation is overflowing. The guest room of the luxury villa allows guests to avoid the noise and enjoy the tranquility and original ecology of Taihu Lake. It is equipped with an independent reception hall and an independent swimming pool, which is the preferred space for private parties.